Our Vision

We believe in taking our students to the next level when it comes to mind, body, and spirit. Our classes are designed to increase your strength, flexibility, and knowledge about the Martial Arts. As your skill develops, we encourage our students to attend tournaments to test their abilities and continue their growth. 

Join us if you are looking to get into the best shape of your life. Our classes consist of intense aerobic exercises that are suitable for any age.

Karate Membership



Unlimited Classes

Group Workouts

Forms, Sparring, and Board Breaking

"I've had three kids attend classes with Master Minter and his other instructors. It's been a wonderful experience for all of them. The studio is supportive and cares about the kids' minds as much as the discipline and skills they help them develop."
Proud Parent
"Master Minter is honest, knowledgeable, and always wants what is best for his students. Great instructor and a great school!"
Satisfied Student
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